L52 2C

Table of Contents

Input X2/X3


The input X2/X3 controls how the colors of the lamp are activated. There are four available combinations of input X2/X3, see table.

  • Pull down means that the color is activated by a sourcing signal (+).

  • Pull up means that the color is activated by a sinking signal (-).

The preset setting of input X2/X3 mode is Pull Down for both color 1 and color 2.

When in configuration mode, the number of bright flashes of color 2 in the flash sequence show the current input X2/X3 setting, see table.

Bright flashes (color 2)

per flash sequence

Input X2/X3

Color 1

Color 2


Pull down

Pull down


Pull up

Pull up


Pull down

Pull up


Pull up

Pull down

Setting the Input X2/X3


Risk of eye damage. Do not look into the light beam at close range.

  1. If already in configuration mode, go to step 6.

  1. If the lamp is connected to the power supply, disconnect it.

  2. Connect the red wire to 10-30 V DC via a 5 A fuse.

  3. Connect the black wire to ground.

  4. Within 1 to 6 sec: temporarily connect the white wire to ground and let it stay connected for at least 2 sec.


    The lamp enters configuration mode and a flash sequence indicating the current settings starts.


    If this step is performed incorrectly, you must restart from step 2.

  1. Temporarily connect the orange wire to ground to enter configuration mode for input X2/X3.

  2. Count the number of bright flashes of color 2 to find out the current input X2/X3 setting.

  3. Temporarily connect the orange wire to ground again to change to the next version of input X2/X3. Each time the orange wire is connected to ground the next version of input X2/X3 is selected.

  4. To change the flash pattern setting, see Flash Pattern. To change the sync mode setting, see Sync Mode. To reset to factory settings, see Factory Reset.

  5. Disconnect the power supply to save the selected settings and exit configuration mode.